Thanks to everyone who joined us for this webinar during 2021 London Climate Action Week (LCAW)!

You can watch the recording of the webinar below:

The North Sea is an intensive region for oil and gas exploration and production, with the UK, Norway and Denmark as major players in exploiting those resources. They remain the three top oil and gas producing nations in Europe despite their ambitious climate neutrality commitments aligned with the Paris Agreement.

A transition out of oil and gas is the next required frontier for their targets to be realised. If the right measures are taken by both the industry and policymakers, the North Sea has the potential to lead this transition fairly and timely, while becoming a hub for renewable energy innovation and production.

During the event we discussed:

  • The role of oil and gas in the political economy within the UK, Norway and Denmark, focusing on the need, barriers and opportunities for a just transition.
  • The role of co-production in developing just and feasible oil and gas transition pathways to 2050, alongside a diversity of key stakeholders from government, industry, civil society and academia.
  • Lessons from the North Sea for raising ambition in other producing and non-producing countries facing similar oil and gas transition challenges.

Our speakers included: Gökçe Mete (Research Fellow, SEI), Andrzej Blachowicz (Managing Director, Climate Strategies), Navraj Singh Ghaleigh (University of Edinburgh), David Jordhus-Lier (University of Oslo) and Brian Vad Mathiesen (Aalborg University). Moderated by: Åsa Borssén, Program Coordinator and host at Highgrade.