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This exclusive and invite-only workshop will bring together key decision-makers and actors from the North Sea and beyond. We will launch three new Oil and Gas Transitions reports setting out co-produced pathways to phase out oil and gas in Norway, Denmark and the UK. The event will offer a safe space to discuss the scenarios with key stakeholders.

What participants can expect

  • Discuss co-created scenarios to net-zero and phase out by 2050 in the UK, Norway and Denmark
  • Discuss gaps, bottlenecks and priorities for policy action
  • Opportunities for cross-country learning and collaboration
  • Exploring international perspectives on the oil and gas just transition
  • Visit to the National Decommissioning Centre


For questions about the event, please reach out to Adriana Chavarría Flores.


Sep 19: Conference – Apex Hotel Dundee
09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome & activity

Andrzej Blachowicz, Climate Strategies

10:15 Just transitions for the North Sea oil and gas: How can evidence-based scenarios address the gap between climate ambitions and policy action?

Olle Olsson, Stockholm Environment Institute

10:30 A Norwegian vision for a just transition in oil and gas: Accepting the net-zero pathway in order to avoid a phase-out scenario?

David Jordhus-Lier, University of Oslo

11:00 Break
11:30 The Danish phasing-out of oil and gas: An example to follow or a unique case?

Poul Thøis Madsen, Aalborg University

12:00 Achieving a UK just transition: Oil and gas median anticipated and rapid exit pathways to 2050

Kirsten Jenkins, University of Edinburgh

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Break out discussion
Ramping up implementation: Understanding conflicts of interests and intervention points for overcoming bottlenecks in the UK, Norway and Denmark
14:50 World café

The way forward: North Sea transition perspectives and cross-country insights

15:30 Break
16:00 Panel of discussion
I. A shared vision for the North Sea: Commonalities, differences and collaboration to accelerate the transitionII. A global endeavour: International perspectives and cross-country learning to leave no one behind
16:50 Roundtable
The roadmap to COP27
17:30 – 17:45 Closing session: Take-aways from day 1
Sep 19: Evening reception
18:00 Welcome dinner and traditional Scottish music
Sep 20: Site Visit – National Decommissioning Centre
08:00 Travel to Aberdeen
10:00 Guided tour of the National Decommissioning Centre’s facilities:

– Introductory talk

Richard Neilson, NDC Director

– Real-time simulator: 300-degree visual immersive environment, 4 control stations and full real-time real physics simulation of ships, cranes, ROVs etc. to allow scenario planning.

– Research facilities: Indoor immersion tanks (capable of accommodating offshore assemblies for testing), environmental chamber (simulates underwater and land conditions for testing hydraulic, mechanical, laser performance, electronic equipment and materials), hyperbaric pressure vessel (for deep ocean research with one of the UK’s highest capacity).

13:00 Farewell lunch in Aberdeen, Cock & Bull
14:30 – 16:00 Travel back to Dundee
19:00 Informal networking